Customised laundry solutions for the Healthcare, Elderly Care, Hospitality and Catering Sectors

Laundry is in our DNA here at Laundryteam. We have been growing this family business since 1983.

We believe that working together with our customers we can make a difference.

From listening to our customers, we have learned that having an on-site laundry can be a challenge which often involves significant staffing resources and costly machine repairs. Our laundry service and individualised approach offers an effective solution.

We value the personal side of the business relationship. We are transparent and honest. Our commitment is to always be contactable, accessible, and responsive.

It is important to us to share experiences; and always learn from customer experiences and feedback, and drive best practices.


Founder & Director of Laundry Team

Laundry Solutions

We support the customers we partner with to assess their individual laundry needs and identify the solution that is right for them.

Linen Rental Programmes

Linen is owned and maintained by Laundryteam, and includes full bed linen, towels, and tablecloths. The rental option provides peace of mind and helps avoid the headaches of inventory control, storage, repair and replacement. You simply order what is needed and this is provided at next delivery.

Customer Owned Goods (COG) Programme

Linens that you have already purchased and are using are collected, processed and delivered to you. Our COG program is designed so your linens are processed separately and returned to your facility at your next delivery.

Personal Laundry

We are proud of our unique offering to Nursing Homes where we utilise innovative technology to manage residents personal clothing. The system allows real-time tracking of the laundry items from sorting, washing, packing, and delivery.

Healthcare Focus

Having first-hand experience working with healthcare organisations, laundryteam offers a full laundry service including linen solutions and resident/patient personal clothing.


We appreciate the unique and changing nature of linen needs and often these can be different from one week to another. Our approach is to partner and support both management and care teams so that requirements are reviewed frequently and that any linen needs are consistently met.

Team & Reliability

We become an extension of your team to ensure effective laundry management. We are always on call and deal with any issues promptly. With our frequent deliveries customers always have an adequate supply of any linen required.

Infection Control Cycles

Our quality laundry process include Infection Control Cycles through thermal and chemical disinfection.

Personal Laundry - Residents/Patients

Clothes are very personal items belonging to the residents, and as such they deserve attention, care and thought when being laundered. Our team are passionate about providing such attention to resident clothing.

With our unique tagging system the information specific to each resident garment is registered electronically to a unique RFlD strip that is heat tagged to item. The tag captures information such as resident name, location (i.e. floor/area/corridor) garment type, color, and size. Any resident piece of clothing can be tracked at multiple points and the process ensures each resident has their clothes correctly identifiable.

Person Centred

Each resident will have their own individual linen bag, and the items will be delivered in this bag washed, dried and folded.

Traceability (was track laundry delivery)

We can track in real terms if the piece has been received by laundryteam, awaiting processing or delivery.

Track Laundry

Providing comfort and peace of mind, the system can help prevent garments becoming lost, mislaid or ending up with another resident.

Time Saving

Saving in time for the residents' family who often may have manually sewn names onto resident clothing.


Residents and family members can identify and advise any specific processing instructions (i.e. do not wash/delicate).

Cost Analytics

Ability to identify the cost of personal laundry for each resident.

Historical Data

Opportunity to track the historical data of the piece of clothing including how many times processed and when.

How It Works

Our State of the Art Tracking System

Resident registration

Residents details are input into system. Details include room number and family contact info.

Item tagging

We heat seal a unique RFID tag to each laundry item associated to specific resident.

Item scanned & recorded

Each item of a specific resident is scanned and digitally recorded on our software.

Record item condition

Relevant details of individual item may be recorded. Eg: Tears or discolouring of item.

Adhere to wash instructions

For example woollen jumper “Delicate wash” white t shirt “60 degree”

Items laundered per required wash cycle

I.e. whites, darks, woolens etc. Once they go through our folding system the tagging software will arrange the residents clothes back in their own pile awaiting delivery.

Infection control wash

Clothes needing infection control wash may be scanned and tracked

Item organisation & delivery

Our system enables us to arrange the bags in trolleys to help staff.
For example we can deliver all upstairs trolleys or corridor one in a separate trolley

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